Terms and Conditions

Termini e condizioni validi a livello internazionale.

Privacy and Security


Quanticlo treats customer data very seriously. Many of the private information entered on our website are only partially visible, moreover your data (such as shipping address, emails, etc.) will be used by a restricted and trusted team only for order delivery purposes.
All the data entered at the time of payment are only partially visible to us, nobody will ever have access to the complete data (such as the complete number of credit card, cvc, etc.).
Furthermore on our website there is the SSL Secure Sockets Layer certificate, a procedure for securing transactions made via the Internet. Our site has the necessary international security levels and is it also classified by Google as a secure site (secure https).
For more information on the Privacy Policy consult the dedicated section

Images and contents


All the contents of quanticlo.com and the social pages @quanticlo are the exclusive property of Quanticlo.
Any reproduction or misuse of our images is prohibited. Be wary of any profile/external dealer who uses photos of our production.
Quanticlo reserves the right to publish photos of third parties in its profiles, published via tags, hashtags or mention to the Quanticlo profile or sent to our contacts. We are available to eliminate the aforementioned photos, if expressly requested.

Customer service


It is very important for us to try to fulfill every customer request in the shortest time possible.
Our customer service team is always active and we try to process every request made via email, site forum and through the social channels (Facebook and Instagram) as quickly as possible.
In periods of intense traffic and on holidays, replies from customer service may require slight waits.
Il nostro servizio clienti lavora in modo limitato durante le festività, weekend ed orari notturni (dopo le 18:30 circa) per questo le richieste pervenute in questi archi di tempo saranno processate nel giorno lavorativo successivo. Cercheremo comunque di rispondere nel minor tempo possibile. Per facilitare tutte le operazioni, qualora avrete richieste e domande sul vostro ordine richiediamo di specificare il numero dell’ordine nelle vostre comunicazioni.

Right of withdrawal/return


We offer a free return service only in Italy.

E' possibile effettuare il reso entro 14 giorni dalla data dell'ordine ed è possibile richiedere il reso direttamente sul nostro sito nella sezione CREA RESO. Il reso prevede solo il rimborso del costo del prodotto/i resi (costi di spedizione non saranno rimborsati). Non effettuiamo cambi o sostituzioni. Per info su modalità di rimborso leggi "Rimborsi"
All returned products must be perfectly intact, never used and not show any signs of wear or dirt.
The products that will be received in unsuitable conditions (damaged, dirty sole, signs of wear, etc.) will be sent back to the customer with a specific form which will signal that the return has not been accepted.
The shoes must be returned in the original box, which must not be damaged, for this reason we always recommend packing the shoe box and not sticking any labels on it. In the event of a damaged box, Quanticlo reserves the right to withhold a refund for the replacement of the box from the refund.
Il reso gratuito è garantito SOLO per i prodotti con valore superiore ai 16,00€. Tutti i prodotti con costo inferiore ai 16,00€ potranno essere rispetiti a carico del cliente (con servizio di spedizione a scelta e carico del cliente). In questo caso consigliamo di contattare il nostro servizio clienti per avere maggiori informazioni sulla spedizione. Quanticlo non è responsabile se il reso sarà effettuato con modalità diverse da quelle da noi descritte o se il cliente non conserverà nessuna documentazione sul reso e sulla spedizione del reso.
We ask you to report any request, malfunction or problem / non-understanding of the service rendered within the timing of 14 days, unfortunately we could not accept returns or reports when the timing has expired. We therefore recommend that you carry out the procedures a few days in advance to be sure to do everything according to the procedures.
For orders with shipping outside Italy we cannot offer the free return service, but the return must be sent back to the customer. For information on the address to send to, it is necessary to send us an email to hello@quanticlo.com
It will not be possible to access the return procedure after the times indicated and the system will not allow the return. For this reason, we recommend that you return the product in advance of the 14-day deadline, in order to eventually receive our assistance in case of problems or if you do not understand the procedure. If problems or misunderstandings in the return procedure will be reported upon expiry or after the expiration of the 14 days, we could not however extend the return period.
If an order is not accepted / withdrawn and is therefore sent back to the sender, Quanticlo reserves the right not to fully refund the order and / or charge transport costs.
CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: only for orders placed before December 31st the return times are extended to 40 days from the order date!



For orders made by credit or prepaid card, the refund will only be made to the card used for the order.
For orders made with payment on delivery (italian orders only), the refund can only be made by bank transfer. During the online return creation process you will be asked to provide us with an IBAN number and account holder name. If you are not in possession of an account, you can provide us with the data of a relative or trusted person. We cannot send refunds in other ways like Postepay top-up.
Returns sent to our warehouse will be viewed in the shortest possible time, but operations can take up to 15 working days, in particularly intense periods.
The timing for receiving the transfer or reimbursement on paper varies according to your bank and can take from 1 to 10 working days. Quanticlo is not responsible for the timing of receipt of the return, but our customer support will be able to provide you with more details / receipts if necessary.

Discount coupons and promotions


Quanticlo often offers discount codes or promotional products. The discounted products will already have the discounted price and it will not be necessary to add an additional discount code.
The products will be in promotion for a variable period of time and could be re-entered at full price without notice.
Discount codes are offered in certain periods and dates. Each discount code is subject to specific validity and will only be usable within the pre-established time frame. If a promotional code has expired it will no longer be usable.
It is not possible to apply a discount code after the order has been completed.
Quanticlo reserves the possibility to offer promotions and items on sale in certain periods and for a limited time. A product could be online with a discounted price only for a certain period, once the promotion is over the product could be online with a full and not discounted price. We are not responsible if the desired product is no longer in promotion.



All orders direct to Italy and received by us before 18:00 will be shipped the same day, orders going outside Italy will be shipped the same day if received before 17:00.
All orders received after 18:00 will be dispatched the following working day.
As soon as you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address entered at the checkout. In case of non-receipt of the email, we recommend checking the Spam / Junk Mail folder or check that the email address entered is correct and functional.
As soon as the order is entrusted to the courier, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email address entered.
In case of non-receipt of the email, we recommend checking the Spam / Junk Mail folder or check that the email address entered is correct and functional.
All the information about shipping and order's status will be sent by mail.

In rare and remote cases, for logistical, warehouse problems, force majeure, orders may not be processed within the pre-established times. We will work to always guarantee the shipment in the shortest possible time.
In very rare and remote cases it may happen that the product / s you ordered is not available for shipment, due to an inventory error.
In questo caso procederemo con l'invio di una notifica e con l’annullamento dell’ordine nel minor tempo possibile. In caso di pagamento anticipato l’ordine sarà completamente rimborsato (costo del prodotto non disponibile più spese di spedizione). Nel caso di un ordine che comprenda più prodotti, qualora una parte non sia per errore disponibili, l’ordine restante dei prodotti disponibili sarà comunque evaso. In questo caso, per gli ordini con pagamento anticipato, sarà rimborsato solo il costo del prodotto/i non disponibili. Facciamo del nostro meglio per rispettare le tempistiche indicate sul nostro sito (nelle faqs, countdown, ecc), nei canali social e nelle nostre promozioni, ma in casi particolari le tempistiche potrebbero subire ritardi.



Our products were born and studied to guarantee maximum quality with very advantageous prices.
On our official website and on all social media you can find photos of our products. Small differences in color or in small details, such as stitching, can occur between the models and the photos posted.
Certainly small variations in colors can appear between the photos published on our site and those on social media.
This depends on the use of very strong and professional lights in the photographic studio and on the use of natural light which varies according to the time or place where a photo is taken.
All our models dress on a regular basis and are designed to ensure a comfortable and regular fit, we recommend the number / size you usually wear.
The fit is a very subjective variant, we advise you to make your choice also based on how you prefer to wear shoes and if you prefer a right or more comfortable fit.
We cannot 100% guarantee the number that will be suitable for each individual customer.
We will be happy to follow you in the post-sale (and possibly in the return phases) but we cannot make changes if you do not like the model ordered or it is not of the correct number.
Small defects such as slight glue spots, especially hardly visible or in invisible points (such as sole or insole), serious problems will not be considered and therefore the solution of these problems will not be at our expense.



Our shipments are the fastest and most accurate. All orders received before 18:00 will be shipped the same day (if directed to Italy). Direct orders to the rest of the world will be shipped the same day if received before 17.00.
In Italy deliveries are made in 24 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. Variations with respect to these times can occur if the order will be directed to Southern Italy, to the Italian islands, and to all the places deemed inconvenient by the courier.
In these areas, shipments usually take 48 working hours for delivery. Unfortunately we are not responsible and we cannot anticipate delays due to the courier or to the individual courier offices that will take care of your delivery.
Obviously we will do everything possible to intervene and solicit the courier in delivery.
We are not responsible for orders that went in stock or returned to the sender. Unfortunately, delivery delays may occur due to incomplete / incorrect address, absent recipient or cash on delivery amount not available. In this case we will try to intervene as soon as possible, if you communicate exact data, so as to schedule a new delivery as soon as possible.
We are not responsible in case of delays in returning an order that has gone into storage, or if the courier will not book a return on our report.
At certain times of the year or in case of particular events and / or problems internal to the courier, deliveries may be subject to slight delays. We are not responsible for these delays, as caused during the work of couriers, but we will take steps to allow each delivery in the shortest possible time.
In some remote countries of the world we do not guarantee the order traceability in every step of the shipment, also we may not be able to send an order if the destination country is subject to a blocking of shipments. In these cases, contact us at hello@quanticlo.com.
Qualora un ordine non fosse accettato/ritirato e quindi venisse rispeto al mittente, Quanticlo si riserva il diritto di non rimborsare completamente l'ordine e/o addebitare costi di trasporto. I prezzi e tempistiche di spedizione sono indicati sul nostro sito nella sezione HELP!. Fanno fede comunque le spese di spedizione espressamente segnalate al momento del checkout, sopratutto per gli stati non espressamente menzionati in precedenza.

Order cancellation - Change order


If you wish to cancel the order before receiving it, please let us know as soon as possible.
We cannot guarantee the cancellation of an order already made, as all orders are processed within very short times, and your order may have already been entrusted to the courier for shipping.

In determinati giorni e fasce orarie appena effettuato l'ordine sarà disponibile un servizio per cancellare in modo autonomo il tuo ordine. Qualora non trovassi questa opzione puoi contattare il nostro servizio clienti ma purtroppo in molti casi non ci è possibile annullare l'ordine. Contatta la nostra assistenza in caso di modifiche dell'indirizzo di spedizione, purtroppo non potremmo effettuare modifiche sul prodotto/i ordinati.

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