Terms of use

Quanticlo takes its customer data very seriously. Many of the private information entered on our site is only partially visible, and your data (such as shipping address, email address, etc.) will be used by a small and trusted team only for the purpose of order delivery.
‏All data entered at the time of payment are only partially visible by us, no one will ever have access to complete data (such as the complete number of credit card, cvc, etc.).
‏Also on our site there is the SSL Secure Sockets Layer certificate, a procedure for securing transactions made via the Internet. Our site has the necessary international security levels and is also classified by Google as a secure site (secure https).
For more information on the Privacy Policy, consult the dedicated section

• Images and content
All contents of quanticlo.com and @quanticlo social pages are the exclusive property of Quanticlo.
Any reproduction or improper use of our images is prohibited. Be wary of any profile / external dealer who uses photos of our production.
Quanticlo reserves the right to publish photos of third parties in its profiles, published via tags, hashtags or mention to the Quanticlo profile or sent to our contacts. We are available to delete the aforementioned photos, if expressly requested.

• Customer service
It is very important for us to try to fulfill every customer request as quickly as possible.
Our customer service team is always active and we try to process any request made via email, site forum and social channels (Facebook and Instagram) as quickly as possible.
‏‏In periods of heavy traffic and on holidays, customer service responses may require a slight wait.
Our customer service works in a limited way during holidays, weekends and night hours (after about 6:30 pm) so requests received in these time frames will be processed on the next working day.
However, we will try to respond as quickly as possible. To facilitate all operations, if you have requests and questions about your order, we ask you to specify the order number in your communications.

• Right of withdrawal / Return
Returns can be made within 14 days of the order date. The return only provides for the refund of the cost of the product / returns (shipping costs will not be refunded).
For italian orders It is possible to make the return by following the procedure specified on our site, once the procedure is completed, an email will be sent through which to book the withdrawal of the return. Starting from 10/12/2020 the refund of returns will be made in the form of a Quanticlo E-Gift Card, of the value of the product / products returned, which will be valid for 1 year. The gift card will be sent by email to the email address used for the order. It will consist of a code to be applied at checkout to deduct the expected amount. It will be valid for 1 year from the sending of the email. The return is not free for products with a value of less than € 16 (meaning the value of the individual products and not the sum of the order), in this case the customer can send the return at his own expense and with the courier / postal service he chooses. You will need to send an email to hello@quanticlo.com for instructions on the return address.
Qualora il cliente scegliesse di spedire il reso non seguendo le procedure che si trovano sul nostro sito o utilizzando un altro corriere il reso non sarà gratuito.
E' possibile scegliere di ricevere il rimborso (in base alla modalità di pagamento dell'ordine) al posto della gift card, in questo caso la cliente non dovrà seguire la procedura di reso online ma dovrà subito comunicare la propria intenzione inviando una mail a hello@quanticlo.com PRIMA di effettuare il reso e dovrà spedire il reso a proprie spese e con il servizio di spedizione prescelto (non sarà effettutato ritiro gratuito da parte di Quanticlo). Non potremmo prendere in considerazione richieste di rimborso in denaro dopo che il reso sarà stato spedito oppure a reso consegnato.

Per gli ordini internazionali (tutti i paesi tranne l'Italia) il cliente dovrà eseguire il reso a proprie spese e con il corriere/servizio postale. Sarà necessario inviare una mail a hello@quanticlo.com per avere istruzioni sul indirizzo di reso.
Per i resi internazionali il rimborso avverrà in base alla modalità di pagamento. Sarà necessario inviare una mail a hello@quanticlo.com per avere istruzion Tutti i prodotti resi dovranno essere perfettamente integri, mai usati e non riportare nessun segno di usura o sporco.

The products that will be received in unsuitable conditions (damaged sole, dirty, signs of wear, etc.) will be returned to the customer with the appropriate form that will indicate that the return has not been accepted.
The shoes must be returned in the original box, which must not be damaged, so we always recommend that you pack the shoe box and do not attach any labels on it. In the event of a damaged box, Quanticlo reserves the right to withhold a sum for the replacement of the box from the refund.

‏‏‎All products can be returned at the customer's expense (with shipping service at the customer's choice, we also recommend a traceable shipment). In this case we recommend contacting our customer service for more information on shipping. Quanticlo is not responsible if the return will be made in ways other than those described by us or if the customer does not keep any documentation on the return and shipping of the return.

For this reason, we recommend making the return in advance of the deadline of 14 days, in order to possibly receive our assistance in case of problems or if you do not understand the procedure. If problems or misunderstandings in the return procedure are reported at the expiry or after the expiry of the 14 days, we cannot extend the return period.
If an order is not accepted / withdrawn and therefore returned to the sender, Quanticlo reserves the right not to fully refund the order and / or charge transport costs. Once the return has been received, Quanticlo undertakes to check and send the refund as quickly as possible and within 15 working days. In particular periods the times could be lengthened. For returns from non-EU countries or with special customs regulations, the return custom costs are at the sender's expense. In case of returns to these destinations, the customer must contact the customer care and follow the instructions that will be provided. If the customer service is not contacted to receive the return instructions, or if these instructions are not followed, Quanticlo reserves the right to refuse the return and the return costs will be charged to the customer.

• Refunds
For international orders (with shipping outside Italy) the refund will be made according to the payment method used for the order.

• Discount coupons and promotions
Quanticlo often offers discount codes or promotional products. The discounted products will already have the discounted price and it will not be necessary to add an additional discount code.
‏The products will be on promotion for a variable period of time and may be re-entered at full price without notice.
Discount codes are offered at certain times and dates. Each discount code is subject to specific validity and will be usable only within the pre-established time frame. If a promotional code has expired it will no longer be usable. It is not possible to apply a discount code after the order has been completed.
Quanticlo reserves the right to offer promotions and items on sale in certain periods and for a limited time. A product could be online with a discounted price only for a certain period, after the promotion the product could be online with the full price and not discounted. We are not responsible if the desired product is no longer in promotion.

• Orders
All orders directed to Italy and received before 6pm will be shipped the same day, direct orders to the rest of the world will be shipped the same day if received by 5pm.
All orders received after 6pm will be dispatched the next working day. Delays with respect to the times indicated above may occur in some periods such as Christmas time, sales. Furthermore, given the continuation of the Covid emergency, unexpected delays can occur both in order fulfillment and delivery.

As soon as an order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address entered. In case of non-receipt of the email, we recommend checking the Spam / Junk Mail folder or that the email address entered is correct and functioning. As soon as the order is entrusted to the courier, you will receive a shipping confirmation email to the email address entered.
If you do not receive the email, we recommend checking the Spam / Junk Mail folder or that the email address entered is correct and functioning.
‏‏‎All the information on the shipment and on the various phases will be sent by email.
In rare and remote cases, due to logistical problems, warehouse problems, force majeure, orders may not be processed within the established times. It will be our pleasure to work to always guarantee the shipment in the shortest possible time.
In very rare and remote cases, it may happen that the product / s you ordered is not available for shipment, due to an inventory error.
In this case, we will proceed with sending a notification and canceling the order as quickly as possible. In the event of prepayment, the order will be fully refunded (cost of the product not available plus shipping costs).
In the case of an order that includes multiple products, if one part is not available by mistake, the remaining order of the available products will still be processed. In this case, for orders with prepayment, only the cost of the unavailable product / s will be refunded.We do our best to respect the deadlines indicated on our site (in the faqs, countdowns, etc.), in the social channels and in our promotions, but in special cases the timing may be delayed.

• Products
Our products were created and designed to guarantee maximum quality with very advantageous prices.
On our official website and on all social networks you can find photos of our products. Small differences in color or in small details, such as seams, can occur between the models and between the photos posted. Certainly small color variations can appear between the photos published on our site and those on social networks.
This depends on the use of very strong and professional lights in the photo studio and the use of natural light which varies depending on the time or place where a photo is taken.
All our models fit regularly and are designed to ensure a comfortable and regular fit, we recommend the size / size you usually wear.
The fit is a very subjective variant, we advise you to make your choice also based on how you prefer to wear shoes and if you prefer a right or more comfortable fit.
We cannot 100% guarantee the number that will be suitable for each individual customer.
‏‏We will be happy to follow you after sales (and possibly in the return stages) but we cannot make changes if you do not like the ordered model or it is not of the correct number.
‏‏Small defects such as slight glue stains, especially not very visible or in non-visible points (such as sole or insole), will not be considered serious problems and therefore the solution of these problems will not be our responsibility.

• Preordini
Quando un prodotto è in preordine troverai la scritta informativa nella scheda prodotto. Nella scheda troverai anche la data indicativa di spedizione, significa che la spedizione avverrà dalla data indicata in poi (non nella data specifica indicata). Se l'ordine contiene più prodotti, 1 in preordine + 1 o più in vendita, tutto l'ordine sarà spedito dopo la disponibilità del prodotto in preordine.

• Shipping
Our shipments are the fastest and most precise.
During the Christmas period (December / January) there may be delays with respect to the normal timing of order fulfillment / delivery all over the world.
All orders received before 18:00 will be shipped the same day (if directed to Italy). Orders directed to the rest of the world will be shipped the same day if received before 5pm.
In Italy, deliveries are made within 24 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. Variations with respect to these times may occur if the order is directed to Southern Italy, to the Italian islands, and to all locations deemed inconvenient by the courier.

Delays in respect to the above timelines may occur in certain periods such as Christmas or Discounts. In addition, given the persistence of the Covid emergency, unexpected delays may occur in both the evasion and delivery order.

In these areas, shipments usually take 48 working hours for delivery. Unfortunately we are not responsible and cannot foresee delays due to the courier or to the individual locations of the couriers who will take care of your delivery.
Obviously we will do our best to intervene and solicit the courier in the delivery. For foreign orders you will receive an email with the tracking of the package and you can monitor the delivery status.
We are not responsible for orders left in stock or returned to the sender. Unfortunately, there may be delays in delivery due to incomplete / incorrect address, absent recipient or cash on delivery amount not available. In this case we will try to intervene as soon as possible, if you provide us with exact data, so as to schedule a new delivery as soon as possible.
We are not responsible in the event of delays in returning an order that has gone into storage, or if the courier fails to book a return on our notice.
At certain times of the year or in case of particular events and / or internal problems to the courier, deliveries may be subject to slight delays. We are not responsible for these delays, as they are caused during the work of the couriers, but we will take steps to allow each delivery in the shortest possible time.
‏In some remote states of the world we do not guarantee the traceability of the order in each step of the shipment, and we may not be able to ship an order if the destination country is subject to a shipment block. In these cases, contact us at hello@quanticlo.com. Orders directed to non-EU countries or with special customs regulations may be subject to customs duties by the country of destination. We suggest you to check before ordering if the destination of your parcel is custom free. In the case of customs duties, the costs will be on customer charge. In case of refusal of the package due to non-payment of customs duties, the shipper will transfer these fees to Quanticlo. Quanticlo reserves the right to deduct the amount payed to shipper from the refund of the customer's order.
If an order is not accepted / withdrawn and therefore respected to the sender, Quanticlo reserves the right not to fully refund the order and / or charge transport costs.
Shipping prices and timing are indicated on our website in the HELP! Section. However, the shipping costs expressly reported at the time of checkout are valid, especially for states not expressly mentioned above.

• Order cancellation - Change order
If you wish to cancel the order before receiving it, please notify us as soon as possible.
We cannot guarantee the cancellation of an order that has already been placed, as all orders are processed in a very short time, and your order may already have been entrusted to the courier for shipping.
On certain days and times, as soon as the order is placed, a service will be available to cancel your order independently.
If you do not find this option you can contact our customer service but unfortunately in many cases it is not possible to cancel the order.
Contact our assistance in case of changes to the shipping address, unfortunately we cannot make changes on the product / s ordered.

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